Thursday 21 February 2013

Paul Smith and Burberry A/W'13 Perfection

Sadly, London Fashion Week has been and gone (everybody together...sighhh). After browsing the collections online straight after they hit the catwalk yet another season went by where I was OB-SESSED with both Paul Smith and Burberry A/W'13.


Paul Smith is always one of my favourite collections to watch, for the simple reason that season after 
season, I want every outfit that hits the catwalk. There is always something so effortless about the collections that I absolutely love, the collection always portrays that boy-meets-girl style that I adore. For Paul Smith's A/W'13 collection, tailored trousers were paired with oversized tweed coats and strapless bodycon dresses with mannish blazers. Whilst Paul Smith's previous A/W collections stuck to traditional fabric such as tweed and autumnal colours, this season saw the designer branch out into luxurious fabrics and vibrant colours. All hail the change! Because I for one, love this collection.


Burberry. The images speak for themselves. In my opinion, to which I'm sure I'm not alone, this truly is Christopher Bailey's best collection yet. Christoper Bailey has been able to successfully reinvent the classic trench for which Burberry is best known, with animal prints (not tacky, but just perfectly done), metal colours and belts along with metallic, glossy textures and heart prints. It's perfection. Whilst the collection branched out into using different textures and prints, Christopher Bailey stayed true to the Burberry brand. Perfection.

Monday 18 February 2013

Mulberry, with a touch of Alexa

Mulberry has carried on the 'skirts over trousers' trend that we've previously seen this season. I personally, find this bizarre, well, at least I did until I saw the looks showcased on the gorgeous models on the Mulberry catwalk, now I must say, it is beginning to grow on me. Don't judge me. The Mulberry A/W'13 presentation showed skater skirts over wide-leg trousers, and whilst you envision this being slightly 90's dress up, they were immaculately styled and made people think, " maybe this could work". As always, Mulberry delivered on outerwear, with sheep skin collars and striking sleeves. As fabulously expected, the brand stayed true to it's British heritage- with brown and green tweed plaid along with a selection of oxblood red leathers, forest green and maroon channeling autumn florals. Styling too, was to a tee. All of the models were styled with their hair tucked into the garments which definitely radiated 'effortless chic' and epitomized 'ready-to-wear'. I will attempt this look with my next outfit, whether I look half as good as they do on the catwalk is a different story, but I will give it a go anyhow. Anything with short sleeves were worn with gloves all the way up the arm getting lost in the garments, which added an extra little something to each look. Now, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Mulberry had poodles on the catwalk donning their own miniature attire to match their walker/model. Ok, done.  Model of the moment and one of my biggest girl crushes, ever- Cara Delevingne, closed the show and looked bloody gorgeous doing so. Just. Look. At. That. Face.

One of my ultimate style icons Alexa Chung graced the FROW of the show with her Alexa in tow- of course, and sat next to the gorgeous Lana del Rey sporting her Lana. Don't you just want to be them? Sigh. 

Sunday 17 February 2013

London Fashion Week- Day 2

This (much longer than usual) post is dedicated to my favourite time of year, no not my birthday, better- London Fashion Week. I'm an avid follower of all the fashion week's and love seeing what our favourite designers' creative minds conjure up season after season. But there is something about London Fashion Week that to me, stands out amongst the rest. Anyone else think so? Whether it's because London is simply home, or because London fashionista's aren't afraid to take risks, there is just that little something about London that screams style. Whilst everyone's perception of style is different, some prefer the classic look, whilst others adopt the edgier image, London's fashion elite are not afraid to showcase their individual style, and for that London- I salute you.
I assisted during LFW last season and was fortunate enough to do so again this season (eeeee!). And there are few things I look forward to more. Every season I get that little bit more excited, yet am still never outfit prepared. I more or less wear black every day, yet when I have to wear black, I have nothing to wear, obviously. Outfit stressing aside, my shift begun early on Saturday morning on the cold cobbles of Somerset House, but with Daks, Jasper Conran and John Rocha all having their A/W'13 presentations in the show-space that morning, it wasn't long until London's finest came in their hundreds to get a piece of the LFW action.

When on my break, I decided to pop out of the Strand entrance of Somerset House and after moaning to myself  for a good five minutes about yet another cracked screen on my iPhone, I realised I was standing next to the ever chic, Mark Francis from Made in Chelsea. I love the show, and for those of you that do too, you'd understand I why I may have been a tad apprehensive to ask for a photo (yes, I was afraid of getting a 'No, Sorry'), but you'll be happy to know when asked for a photo, I received a "Of course, darling" insert posh Mark Francis accent here. I also managed to take another snap of the man himself and his bff Victoria- Who, FYI, was also very friendly and happily posed for photos. When I asked Victoria for a photo of the three (the lady in gold is Victoria's sister- and yes that beautiful Chanel belongs to her, cow) she said, "Of course! Would you rather us sit down or stand?"- and of course they opted to stand as Mark Francis mumbled under his breath that he wanted his full outfit in frame, which, just incase you're wondering is "Valentino, darling. Head to toe". With Victoria donning the same fabulous designer herself- BFF's at it's finest. How fabulous.

After my shift had finished, with blisters in tow from my new boots, (don't get me started), I decided to linger around Somerset House to take in all the fashion and the general buzz from Fashion Week. I then, somehow managed to buck up the courage to approach people and take photos of their style. I can not even begin to stress to you how nervous I was when approaching the first fabulous lady, just to give you a rough idea, it went a little like, "Hi, um, would you mind...". But, once I snapped one, I was ready to stop everyone and ask for a photo- a big YAY to my usually extremely nervous self.

Monochrome, neon and cobalt blue were just a few of the S/S'13 trends to make an appearance on the second day of LFW. Whether the outfits were extremely well put together and screamed "I had this chosen a month ago", or one of my faves "Ah, I've just put this together" kind'a look, the ladies of LFW sure knew their stuff. There were also the ladies who weren't particularly sporting a hot trend of this season, but still oozed effortless style. 

The second day of LFW was packed with the most stylish residents of London and the UK and have given me tones of inspiration for my new SS13 wardrobe, along with different ways to style individual pieces, so thank you, you fabulous ladies you.

I am assisting at London Fashion Week again tomorrow, so keep an eye out for another blog post including some exciting stuff from inside the LFW showrooms! Now, after jibba-jabbering for far too long, I have to go and pick out shoes that will not rip my feet to shreds tomorrow. xoxoxo

Friday 15 February 2013

Oh, I love you

Urban Outfitters 
When checking your online banking and seeing far, far too many "Nandos" and "National Rail" (s) resulting in yourself having a tinie, tiny little cry inside most people would put a hold on shopping. Well, I am unfortunately not most people. I decide to go shopping to cheer myself up. I do not say this proudly. Believe. Me. As you can probably tell from my blog posts so far I'm a tad, some may say obsessed, with ankle boots. And whilst Topshop have my ankle boot heart, there were a pair in Urban Outfitters that I have wanted for absolutely aaaages (yes, they only came out in stores last month. Don't judge me).

So after blagging myself an a-mazing work placement this week- due to start in April- I wanted to give myself a little pat on the back. Me being me, decided to, with no intention of buying them of course (I'm lying),  foolishly go and try them on. Again. For the fifth time. And purchased them. Hurrah for me and my LFW outfit options, not so hurrah for my ever low bank balance and my soul. But, I love them. Plus they will go with absolutely everything, I was able to mentally plan a good six or so outfits just on the drive home-so definitely money well spent, right? Right.

Stella, Stella, Stella

I've always loved and admired Stella McCartney's signature style of sharp tailoring and the fact that her collection always manages to ooze femininity whilst sticking to fairly simplistic designs. There's no denying the fact that there is always something about Stella's collection that makes you stop and stare. I myself have always lusted over Stella's collection of ready-to-wear coats and jackets- I will, in time, have a Stella McCartney blazer hanging in my wardrobe. Mark my words.

In being a avid handbag lover- always have, always will- when in large department stores I always gravitate towards my favourites- Balenciaga, Phillip Lim, Céline and of course every girls lust of all lusts, Chanel- to just name a few.Yet I have never really taken notice of Stella McCartney's collection of accessories. Shame on me. When out shopping today I came across Stella's 'Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Tote' from her latest S/S'13 line and what do ya know, I love. And couldn't help but take a few snaps. Whilst in keeping with Stella's signature style of simplicity the silver chain hardware gives the bag a slight edge which most definitely catches your eye at first glance. Of course with Stella McCartney always using faux leather for her collections, this bag is no exception. The faux leather used for the bag is incredibly soft, and if you're anything like me you will spend a good 30 seconds just stroking it.  The bag is fully lined with the Stella logo print and the small stylish and chic Stella logo tag is evident by the handles. Whilst all these attributes are what makes the bag fabulous, there's one more thing. The tote can be worn in two ways, either folded over as a shoulder bag or as a handheld tote, the choice is yours. Now what more could you ask for? Two bags for the price of one. The practicality of the bag is another thing to love. The silver hardware and adaption into shoulder bag is perfect for the evenings, whilst the handheld tote and colour makes it perfect for everyday. The tote comes in several colours for S/S; Ruthenium (as shown), Cinnamon, Mango/Tangerine, Salmon and Black- so whatever your style preference, I'm sure you'll find one you love.

Anyone else just a little bit excited to see what Stella pulls out the bag for A/W'13 during Paris Fashion Week in a few weeks? Thought so. xo

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Oh, ankle boots

It only seemed right to dedicate a post entirely to my beloved, dear friend, the ankle boot. Like I said in my previous post, for me, ankle boots are an all year kind'a thang- come rain or shine, if an outfit doesn't look good with an ankle boot, it ain't happenin'. Over the past few months I have thought of every excuse to buy a new pair "I need comfy ones", "I need those ones because they have studs on", "I need those ones because um, I love them", basically a load of "I needs" when lets face it, I want them (however I can come up with pretty good debate on my half to my boyfriend as to why I would 'need' them. Kudos to me). When Topshop's latest collection of shoes came online, I partially fainted (I kid you not). Their selection of ankle boots are amazing, and I want almost every pair. Here are my Topshop wishlist, *sigh*...

They go with absolutely everything and as I'm not a usual ballet pump or heels kind'a girl, ankle boots are always my go-to shoe for either day or night. If you want ideas on different ways to wear yours, here is a quick little outfit post on how I usually style mine.

#NYFW Favourites- All Hail, Victoria

And so the Fashion Week's have begun. Starting in New York, of course. The unveiling of A/W collections are always my favourite, because let's face it, even in the Summer I can't seem to bring myself to pack away the oversized coats, jeans and leather and of course everyone's Winter go to, the ankle boot. Truth is, even in blistering heat (I cannot emphasize how lightly I say blistering, as this is of course England with it's bipolar weather), I will still be seen in my Autumn/Winter faves. With the possibility of a neon accessory, just because. I've always loved and tried to style my outfits on the "I've spent ages on this outfit but want it to look like I've just thrown it on" kind of look. So in other words, think effortless, Alexa Chung-esque style. The hair and makeup stylists behind Victoria Beckham's A/W presentation had the look to a tee. With the unkept hair look (which, lets face it girls, we all wished we looked like when out on London streets) and minimal makeup, this collection screamed British and style.
As everyone in the world of fashion expected, Victoria Beckham hasn't disappointed. I love the fact that the collection was inspired by VB's recent move back to London. With each piece being strongly influenced by British fashion- British fabrics such as tweed, plaid and herringbone played a big part in this collection. And whilst knitwear made an appearance for the first time, and the rounded shoulders of the oversized coats are not something Victoria Beckham is known for- VB stays true to her contour perfect dresses and immaculately tailored pencil skirts with this collection. The ready-to-wear collection, really epitomises just that- I envision every piece being worn by Victoria herself and would like to hope that over night I grow a couple of foot in height, shed my much.carried over Christmas weight and wake up to a nice, big ol' cheque so I can buy every item and look half as good as the models on the catwalk (a girl can dream. A big, BIG dream at that). Its safe to say, my nights will be spent dreaming of owning even one of these fabulous pieces.

Other favourites (so far), from New York Fashion Week include  DKNY, Carolina Herrera, Tommy Hilfiger and the always cool, Marc Jacobs. 

Tommy Hilfiger